St Andrews

Staff List

Here you can find a list of all the staff that work at St Andrew’s CE Primary School and Nursery.

Staff at St Andrew's

School Leadership

Mrs J A Rainford - Head Teacher
Mrs J Hodgson - Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs N Kirk - Key Stage 1 Leader
Miss J Neville - Key Stage 2 Leader
Mr P Lynch - Inclusion Manager
Miss H Vosvenieks - Phonics Lead

Administrative Staff

Mrs C Parkinson - Office Administrator and Social Media Officer
Mrs P Ainsworth - Family Liaison Officer
Mrs V Devlin - Business Manager


Miss M Benefer - Duckling class teacher
Miss A McGowan - Duckling class teacher
Miss C Taylor - Rabbit class teacher
Mrs A Hunter - Hedgehog class teacher
Miss R Merrick - Otter class teacher
Mrs K Bradley- Squirrel class teacher
Mrs N Kirk - Key Stage 1 Leader and Fox class teacher
Miss C Morris - Badger class teacher
Mrs K Spillane - Nightingale class teacher
Miss P Bruton - Kingfisher class teacher
Mr J Alletson - Goldfinch class teacher
Miss I Gallagher - Robin class teacher
Miss A Hartley - Sparrow class teacher
Miss M Rochelle - Magpie class teacher
Miss J Neville - Key Stage 2 Leader and Owl class teacher
Miss J Smith - Starling class teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Priestley - Lead teaching assistant
Miss S Hussain - Teaching assistant
Mrs T Byrne - Teaching assistant
Miss R Hazley - Teaching assistant
Miss M Broadbent - Teaching assistant
Miss T Dollard - Teaching assistant
Mrs S Daley - Teaching assistant
Mrs D Mayor - Teaching assistant
Miss B Grajczonek - Teaching assistant
Miss L Miller - Teaching assistant
Mrs C Graham - Teaching assistant
Mrs D Pickering - Teaching assistant
Mrs C Pearce - Teaching assistant
Mrs H Sutcliffe - Teaching assistant
Mrs S Stericker - Teaching assistant
Miss J Graham - Teaching assistant
Mrs P Mudd - Teaching assistant


Mr A Boxley - Site Manager
S Thompson - Auxiliary
J Bennett - Auxiliary
J Smith - Auxiliary
S Thompson - Auxiliary


L Hardman - Kitchen Supervisor
S Thompson - Catering assistant
P Fitzgerald - Catering assistant
R Cartwright - Catering assistant

Lunchtime Organisers

N Aurffan - Lunchtime organiser
P Kershaw - Lunchtime organiser
S Crossley - Lunchtime organiser

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